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Salvador Patti Winery combines the experience gained from years of work in the wine production in Italy together with the uniqueness of the terroir and the weather conditions of Mendoza. The Patti’s new generation keeps the unique identity and quality and adds the most advanced technology to honor their grandfather Don Salvador’s dream in Argentina.




The winery ascendancy is traced five years earlier than its foundation in 1965, when Don Salvador cultivated the first vineyards and started this legacy. Today, two generations later, we still find the traditional wine growing of unique quality and characteristics.


Don Salvador’s grandchildren are advancing this project and work to expose the best attributes of each terroir. They follow his cultural legacy and bring in continuous innovation in methodologies and technology.

At present, the winery has a capacity of 10,250,000 liters and grind more than 100,000 quintals of white and red grapes per year, selecting the best of the family vineyards.

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The winery has the following varietals: Malbec, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, Syrah, Merlot as red grapes and Torrontes, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pedro Giménez, Ugni Blanc as white grapes.


The headquarters for our production is located in Palmira, Mendoza, next to Mendoza River. It has a 10-million-liter capacity, 50 thousand liters in oak vessels, a well-equipped laboratory and 200,000 bottle stowage capacity.

Our lines approach the different needs in the market and

so we produce young and new wines and also conservative and demanding ones.


The red wines are suitable for preservation and ages in wood vessels for different periods. In addition, there is wood in alcoholic fermentations.

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From sandy to stony soils, our vineyards are located throughout the East and Central Zones of Mendoza and are irrigated by the nearby Mendoza River.


With a flooding irrigation, a wide temperature range between the day and the night, and a manual harvest, the vineyards yield high quality grapes, which are carefully manipulated to keep their varietal type.

The winery has 280 ha of own vineyards, which are situated  Palmira, Las Chimbas, Alto Salvador, Montecaseros and Santa Blanca en la zona in Maipú.

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It is located at 30 km from Mendoza City, next to Mendoza River, in Palmira District, San Martin Department and Maipú Department. This zone is called the East Area of Mendoza. 

With an altitude between 600 and 700 m above sea level, it is considered the zone with the highest production in Argentina. The soil is clearly sandy and rich in potassium.

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It has a template climate, with more than 2,200 hours of sun during 210 favorable days, which benefits the perfect maturing of the cultivated varietals.


Telephone: (+549) 2634 65 1377 



Variante Ruta 50 s/n

San Martín - Mendoza

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